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Palmer, Brian A.png

Executive Director

Brian is a creator who strives to increase community engagement with the arts by creating spaces and platforms for other artists to share their talents. He believes that a passion for the arts is more important than having natural talent in the arts.

He has been an active member in the Columbus theatre community since 2012 in a number of capacities including directing, stage managing, costume design, and performing. Currently Brian is working toward building an environment that aims to support artists both in their creative pursuits as well as their social networks.

​Brian holds a bachelor’s of arts degree in English from The Ohio State University. When he is not focused on one artistic endeavor or another, Brian enjoys spending time with his husband and two dogs.

Photo of Shana French, Administrative Coordinator at Aethereal Jest Arts Council.

Administrative Coordinator

Shana is the Administrative Coordinator for Aethereal Jest. She has performed volunteer work at several organizations around central Ohio and aims to help Aethereal Jest flourish.


In the past she has volunteered with Pickerington Community Theatre, Worthington Community Theatre, the Reynoldsburg Community Association, the Reynoldsburg Board of Education, and Rosehill Elementary PTO.


Shana was previously cast in The Lottery and Rome is Where the Heart Is from Community Theatre Triple Feature - Volume One with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. She loves performing for local community theater and spending time with her family and dogs.

Menz, Keriann.png

Education Coordinator

Photo of McKenna Willis, Performing Arts Coordinator at Aethereal Jest Arts Council.

Performing Arts Coordinator

McKenna is the Performing Arts Coordinator for Aethereal Jest Arts Council. She is honored to be a part of Aethereal Jest and work to help it grow. She has worked with several theatre groups in both Ohio and California but has found her home with Aethereal Jest. She is relatively new to the Columbus theatre community having moved to the area in 2018, but has always felt welcomed by every group she's worked with.


With a B.A. in theatre from The Ohio State University, she will be merging her experiences both on and off stage to ensure all aspects of Aethereal Jest's productions are accounted for. She believes theatre is a place where people from every background can thrive together and create something beautiful.


When not working on creative endeavors, McKenna spends her time reading, sewing, and helping to maintain a 200 year old tavern.

Mazur, Ivory_edited.png

Technical Director

Ivory Mazur
Photo of Jordan Sauer, Technical Coordinator at Aethereal Jest Arts Council.

Technical Coordinator

Photo of Anna Defendiefer, Social Media Representative at Aethereal Jest Arts Council.

Social Media Representative

Anna is the Social Media Representative at Aethereal Jest Arts Council. She manages social media marketing for the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation, managing Downtown Columbus and Columbus Commons brands, working intentionally to market people, places and projects in a consumable way that promotes excitement and a sense of community. With her knowledge of the Columbus landscape and belief in AJACs mission, she relishes the opportunity to share AJAC's work with the city.


Anna graduated from The Ohio State University in 2019 with a B.S. in Business (Economics) and Public Policy Analysis, and she has called Columbus home ever since. When she's not switching between media accounts, Anna is active in the Columbus running community and is a performer herself.

Photo of Jaimee Levitt, Properties Designer at Aethereal Jest Arts Council

Properties Designer

Logo for Aethereal Jest Arts Council.

Costume Designer

Amy Sparks
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