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Chris has lived with her husband (and now four grown children) in Gahanna for fifty plus years. She has a B.S. in Music Education, is a National Board Certified retired music teachers and has a M.A. in the Art of Teaching.


She is usually involved with over three to four theater production a year. Chris has been music director, in orchestra or pit, and played as rehearsal accompanist. Some of her involvement includes: Gahanna Community Theatre, Little Theatre Off Broadway, Pickerington Community Theatre, Hilliard Arts Council, King Avenue Players, Aethereal Jest Arts Council, and Central Ohio high school musicals.


Chris has been a church organist, pianist, and music director for over sixty-five years and is presently music director / organist at Cross Roads United Methodist Church. She is presently the accompanist for Pickerington Community Chorus.


She also plays/accompanies many high school and junior high students at OMEA adjudicated events. This, she truly loves to do.


Aethereal Jest is an organization that is art centered, diverse, and welcoming to both performers and audience. Chris is very excited to be involved and hopes to help the organization become the best it can be! Music is the universal language - this includes theater, dance, and the arts.

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Throughout his career, Ivory has had the privilege of working in various roles and has built a strong foundation in the theater industry. Here are some highlights of his journey:


As a touring actor for Cincinnati Children's Theater, Ivory had the incredible opportunity to bring joy and entertainment to young audiences across different communities. This experience allowed him to develop his skills in acting, improvisation, and connecting with diverse audiences.


Serving as the Resident Director for New Richmond's Inaugural Season, Ivory had the honor of working closely with a talented team of actors, designers, and crew members. This position provided him with a platform to showcase his vision, collaborate on innovative productions, and create memorable theatrical experiences for the community.


In his role as the Technical Director for Milford High School, Ivory was responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of productions, including set design, lighting, sound, and stage management. This position allowed him to utilize his technical expertise and organizational skills to bring productions to life and create immersive theatrical environments.


These are just a few highlights from his 36 years of experience in the theater industry. Ivory is deeply passionate about the art of theater and has dedicated his career to bringing stories to life on stage. Ivory believes that theater has the power to inspire, educate, and entertain, and he is excited to continue his journey in the world of Aethereal Jest.


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