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Aethereal Jest Arts Council (AJAC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting artists across every medium, serving the Greater Columbus/Central Ohio area.

“What is an arts council?” you may be asking and that is a great question. To us, an arts council is an organization that offers opportunities for people to explore, learn, experience, and support a variety of arts endeavors. Sometimes that involves us producing our own events, sometimes providing a platform to feature the work of other artists and organizations.

We organize the arts into four categories; the performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, and culinary arts. In the future we will be offering a wide variety of programming within each of these four categories including, but not limited to, workshops, lectures, classes, and many other events.

Everyone at AJAC believes in the power of art and its ability to connect us. Together, we can create a thriving, supportive and fulfilling community where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated.

Founding Members

Aethereal Jest Arts Council began as the passion project of a group of theatre and arts enthusiasts who shared a vision for a new, community focused arts organization based in the Central Ohio/Greater Columbus area.

Alisha Bradley

Ashton Brammer

Phyllis Heffner

Kathy Hyland

Jaimee Levitt​

Kim Martin

Megan Mateer

Lauren Murphy

Jonathan Nininger​

Kate Olson

Brian A. Palmer

Justin Powell

Anthony Reitzel


To become a diverse, forward-focused, and nationally-recognized company that fosters audience, patron, and community engagement, while supporting and encouraging artists to:

  • reach their creative potential and 

  • realize their professional goals.


To partner with our community to create environments in which every artist can find their niche and thrive by offering opportunities for people to explore, learn, experience, and support a variety of artistic endeavors. ​


To increase the accessibility and inclusivity of theatrical and other artistic opportunities that inspire a thriving, supportive, and fulfilling community.

Core Values

Creative Expression

Versatile, knowledgeable, and imaginative engagement with the self, the community, and the world


Actively creating an intrinsically inclusive organization that is respectful, acknowledgeable, and accessible to all


Collaborative, conscious service dedicated to addressing the needs of the organization and the greater community


Ensuring the longevity of the organization through fiscal, environmental, and philanthropic responsibility


​Intentional openness to act with integrity while honoring personal privacy and confidentiality

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