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"Playwright David Longest has taken the classic Louisa May Alcott novel and expanded it into a sweeping historical tale. The play begins with Louisa May recalling her own childhood. We quickly meet the real Alcott sisters and the many literary greats who visited Orchard House, their home in Concord, Massachusetts: Henry David Thoreau, once Louisa May's teacher; Thomas Niles, her editor and publisher; Ralph Waldo Emerson, a close friend of the family; George Bartlett, a local Concord actor; and a host of other real-life characters who influenced Ms. Alcott throughout her life. As the dramatization of Little Women begins, the fictional plot of the novel and the real-life friends and family of Louisa May Alcott are cleverly entwined. This powerful, tender and touching play brings us new insight into the person Louisa May Alcott actually was and showers us with renewed hope in the strength of family bonds and the spirit of love."

~ Courtesy Dramatic Publishing Company

Production Staff

Director - Keriann Menz

Producer - Brian A. Palmer

Board Representative - Randi Honkonen

Assistant Director - Lynette Grace

Stage Manager - Allison Freed

Assistant Stage Manager - Jordan Sauer

Set Designer - Ivory Mazur

Lighting Designer - Ivory Mazur

Sound Designer - Brian A. Palmer

Properties Designer - Jaimee Levitt

Costume Designer - Amy Sparks


in alphabetical order

Hannah, Mrs. Moffat - Charlisa Anderson

Elizabeth Alcott, Beth March, Sallie Gardiner - Serenity Andrea

Little Louy - Ellie Armstrong-Phillips

Bronson Alcott, Captain March - Brad Barbin

Professor Friedrich Baehr - Matthew Barr

Clara Gardiner - Mackenzie Biemer

Mr. Gardiner, Mr. Davis - Michael Bull

Louisa May Alcott - Emma Church

George Bartlett, John Brooke - Matthew Connolly

Anna Alcott, Meg March - Shannon Connolly

Little Anna - Lillie Gorenz

N. Moffat - Westley Gorenz

Abba May Alcott, Amy March - Ellie Haenick

Belle Gardiner - Rory Hall

Abba Alcott, Marmee - LauraLee Jingo

Theodore Laurence - Jeff Kemeter

Mr. Moffat - Nolan Mecham

Little Abby - Cass Menz

Hannah (Understudy), Mrs. Moffat (Understudy) - Keriann Menz

Aunt March - Randi Morgan

Little Lizzie - Evangeline Mosier

Thomas Niles, Kate Moffat - Devon Mushalko

Henry David Thoreau, Freddy Vaughn - Dylan Sedam

Daisy Gardiner - Aila Sorensen

Mrs. Gardiner, Margaret Fuller - Amy Sparks

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mr. Laurence - Todd Taylor

Elizabeth Peabody, Annie Moffat - Madison Toulmin

Young Louisa May Alcott, Jo March - McKenna Willis

Thank You

GCAC_Aethereal Jest_4.5 x 3.75_.jpg

Aethereal Jest Arts Council would like to extend a special "Thank You" to the following groups and individuals:

Greater Columbus Arts Council

Geoffrey Martin

Tim Menz

Jason Phillips

John Groseclose


Anderson, Charlisa.jpg

Charlisa Anderson

Hannah, Mrs. Moffat

Charlisa Anderson has worked in the Columbus theater community acting, directing, and costuming for almost two decades. Previously she was seen in Aethereal Jest Arts Council’s first production, Community Theatre Triple Feature - Volume One.  Other favorite stage credits are Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie, Stepmother in Cinderella, and Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn in The Music Man. As well, she has worked behind and in front of the camera in television and numerous commercials and films. Love and thanks to her family, especially husband Steve, for all the support!

Andrea, Serenity.png

Serenity Andrea

Elizabeth Alcott, Beth March, Sallie Gardiner

Serenity will be portraying the roles of Elizabeth Alcott, Beth March and Sallie Gardner in tonight's performance! This is the first production that she has done with the Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Some of her past credits include: Kate (orphan) in Annie (SoArtsPro Theater Co) Performing at the Columbus Arts Festival, Theater Roundtable Awards and Columbus Black theater festival. Serenity

would like to thank her Mom, Keriann, and Brian. She has enjoyed her castmates and this experience of being a part of Little Women of Orchard House.

Armstrong-Phillips, Ellie.png

Ellie Armstrong-Phillips

Little Louy

Ellie is elated to be making her Aethereal Jest Arts Council debut.  Past credits include the Young Sour Kangaroo in Seussical the Musical (Thomas Worthington High School) and Ensemble member in Tuck Everlasting (Worthington Community Theatre).  Although Ellie is an only child in real life, she has loved having three "sisters" in this production.  Big thanks to her mom, dad, dog (June), Keriann and the rest of her cast family.

Barbin, Brad.png

Brad Barbin

Bronson Alcott, Captain March

Brad is pleased once again to be performing with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Most recently, he appeared as Lysimachus in Rome Is Where the Heart Is. Brad is a Columbus based federal trial attorney by day and has been performing throughout Central Ohio for the past decade at CATCO, Weathervane, Gallery Players, Columbus Civic Theatre, SRO, Eclipse Theatre Company, Original Productions Theatre, and Worthington Community Theatre. His favorite roles include Brick Pollitt in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Richard Hannay in 39 Steps.

Barr, Matthew.png

Matthew Barr

Professor Friedrich Baehr

Matthew is beyond thrilled to be working with Aethereal Jest Arts Council for the first time! Matthew has recently appeared as Aaron in First Date (NACP,) Jack Black in Jumanji: The Parody Musical (C.A.M.P.Y. Columbus,) and Carl/The Door in The Breakfast Club: The Totally 80’s Musical (C.A.M.P.Y. Columbus). Matthew is a behavior therapist in the field of ABA Therapy by day, and has worked with children for nearly a decade. Many thanks to Brian and Keriann for their support and understanding. “It’s chaos; be kind.” ~Michelle McNamara

Biemer, Mackenzie.png

Mackenzie Biemer

Clara Gardiner

Mackenzie Biemer is thrilled to be back on stage with Aetheral Jests Art Council. After having worked on Twelve Angry Jurors, a few of her favorite credits include P.B in Eclipse Theater Company’s production of One Slight Hitch and Irene Rudolph in New Albany High School's production of Radium Girls. She hopes you enjoy this heartwarming show.

Bull, Michael.png

Michael D. Bull

Mr. Davis, Mr. Gardiner

Michael will be making his Aethereal Jest Arts Council debut in the roles of Mr. Davis and Mr. Gardiner. Recent credits include a choral role in The Hunchback of Notre Dame [King Avenue Players], Percy Snodgrass in Oliver! [Westerville Parks & Rec], and Herr Zeller in The Sound of Music [Westerville Parks & Rec]. Special thank you to Brian, Keriann, and the creative team for making this possible.

Church, Emily.png

Emily Church

Louisa May Alcott

Emily is loving being in her first straight play since high school. Little Women of Orchard House is her first production with Aethereal Jest Arts Council, but it will hopefully not be her last. She has most recently been seen in the ensemble of Tuck Everlasting with Worthington Community Theater, as well as Kaitlyn (T-Rex 1) in Triassic Parq, Shemp in Evil Dead the Musical, and Schwoopsie in Firebringer all with Cyclodrama. Emily has also been on stage with Millersport Community Theater, Gallery Players, Pickerington Community Theater, and Imagine Productions. Emily would like to thank her family for being supportive of her first love- the stage, as the bug bit her very early.

Connolly, Matthew.png

Matthew Connolly

George Bartlett, John Brooke

Tonight's performance will feature Matthew in two distinct roles, as the flamboyant friend and editor of Louisa May, Mr. George Bartlett, and as the modest tutor of Laurie and husband of Meg March, Mr. John Brooke. This is Matthew's first production with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Matthew would like to thank his castmates and directorial team, with special shout outs to his intrepid stage manager, Allison Freed, and his wife and fellow castmate, Shannon Connolly.

Connolly, Shannon.png

Shannon Connolly

Anna Alcott, Meg March

Shannon will be portraying the role of Anna Alcott and Meg March in tonight's performance. Shannon is excited to make her debut with Aethereal Jest Arts Council and to work with her husband Matthew in his first stage performance. She would like to thank her family and friends for their continued support of her acting, as well as Keriann for her confidence and direction.

Freed, Allison.png

Allison Freed

Stage Manager

Allison Freed is thrilled to have worn many hats on the team for this production. Allison fell in love with theatre at an early age. She performed in many productions throughout her school years, and found a love for stage management and direction in college, in addition to becoming an avid improv performer.


While attending Loyola University Chicago, Allison received a theatre minor to complement her degree in film production. Outside of the classroom, she was a producer's assistant at the famed comedy theater, The Second City. Now you can often find her with a camera in her hands or performing at The Nest Theatre with Hive or Musical Improv Mashup when she’s not doing her day job working as video and podcast producer for The Build Up podcast. To see Allison's work visit

Gorenz, Lillie.png

Lillie Gorenz

Little Anna

Gorenz, West.jpg

Westley Gorenz

N. Moffat

Square Logo.png

Lynette Grace

Assistant Director

Haenick, Ellie.png

Ellie Haenick

May Alcott, Amy March

Ellie is so excited to be performing in her first show with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. By day, she is a junior at Columbus College of Art and Design. She recently moved to Columbus from Detroit, where she has done theater for many years. Her favorite roles include Pugsley Addams in The Addams Family (Birmingham Village Players), Gloria in Wait Until Dark (Farmington Players), and Allison & others in the five actor version of First Date (New Albany Community Playhouse). She would like to thank the entire cast and crew of Little Women of Orchard House for making this production a possibility and hopes you enjoy the show!

Hall, Rory.png

Rory E. Hall

Belle Gardiner

Rory will be portraying the role of Belle Gardiner in tonight's performance. This is the first production that she has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Past credits include: Bird Girl in Seussical the Musical [Thomas Worthington High School], Trudi in Comic Potential  [Thomas Worthington High School], and Betty in All in the Timing [Thomas Worthington High School]. Rory is excited to play Liesl in her school's upcoming performance of The Sound of Music. She would like to thank her family, Mrs. J, and everyone who has supported her though her journey into theatre.

Honkonen, Randi.png

Randi Honkonen

Board Representative

Jingo, LauraLee.png

LauraLee Jingo

Abba Alcott, Marmee

LauraLee is excited to step into the roles of Abba Alcott and Marmee with Aethereal Jest Arts Council! Favorite past roles include Potiphar’s Wife in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (WNHS), Miss Lark in Mary Poppins (WPRCT), Frau Schmidt in The Sound of Music (WPRCT), Mrs. Sowerberry in Oliver! (WPRTCT), and the Foley Artist for two Christmas Live Radio Plays (WPRCT). Other recent projects: Westerville’s Uptown Scrooge 2022, Butterfly Guild’s The Sound of Music 2023, and being a Supernumerary in OperaColumbus’ Rigoletto this past spring. Enjoy the show!

Kemeter, Jeff.png

Jeff Kemeter

Theodore Laurence

Jeff is excited to be in his first Aethereal Jest Arts Council production! Jeff recently appeared in Curtain Players production of Goodbye Freddy and previous Curtain Players productions include My Three Angels, Present Laughter, Rest Assured, Sense and Sensibility, 16-3-3 Home, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Arsenic and Old Lace, Crimes of the Heart, Wendy Darling, among many others. Thank you, Holly!

Levitt, Jaimee.jpg

Jaimee Levitt

Properties Designer

Mazur, Ivory.png

Ivory Mazur

Set Designer, Lighting Designer

Square Logo.png

Nolan Mecham

Mr. Moffat

Nolan is excited to make his Columbus theatre debut in Little Women of Orchard House. Formerly of Walnut Creek, CA, Nolan has performed in a variety of stage and film productions, including as: Norbert Garstecky in The Great American Trailer Park Musical, Captain Keller in The Miracle Worker, Jupiter in the musical Olympus On My Mind, and Everett Sullivan in the feature film Neon Sky, for which he received the Tiburon International Film Festival award for Best Actor.

Menz, Cass.png

Cass Menz

Little Abby

Cass Menz is excited to be making her stage debut with Aethereal Jest Arts Council! She is a student at All the Children of the World Academy. She is in her fourth dance season at Leap of Faith Dance Company where she does Jazz dance. She'd like to thank God and her family for their support and love, making her dream come true!

Menz, Keriann.png

Keriann Menz

Director, Understudy (Hannah, Mrs. Moffat)

Keriann Menz is excited to bring Little Women of Orchard House to life on stage. She studied at Cedarville University where she received her bachelor of arts degree in theatre performance and a minor in business administration. Her experience has included various backstage roles including everything from props to stage managing and onstage acting in plays and musicals. She received a DayTony award of Merit for properties for the production of And Then There Were None. Following college, she pursued an Administrative Theatre Internship in Naples, FL at the Gulfshore Playhouse. Since then she has focused her time on starting a family and has two beautiful girls ready to follow in her theatre footsteps.


Her theatre experience has been reignited over the last year and she is excited to take on this new venture as director. She feels her experience in the business and performing side of theater has made her well-equipped to pursue this opportunity! The story of Little Women has always had a special place in her heart from the moment she watched the first black and white movie of it when she was a child. Her vision for this production is to not only tell the story through fresh ideas, but to draw in the audience to a classic filled with new meaning and new life! Her hope is to bring Louisa May Alcott front and center by paying tribute to the real story.

Morgan, Randi.png

Randi Morgan

Aunt March

Randi will be playing Aunt March in tonight’s performance. This is the second production she has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council, portraying Juror #7 in Twelve Angry Jurors. Randi’s previous theatre experience includes acting and directing with Roundtown Players and MadLab. Randi would like to thank her husband, Peter Graybeal, for his encouragement and support. 

Mosier, Evangeline.png

Evangeline Mosier

Little Lizzie

Evangeline is ecstatic to be making her stage debut at Aethereal Jest Arts Council with such an incredible cast! She would like to thank her friends, family, and teachers for their endless support.

Mushalko, Devon.png

Devon Mushalko

Thomas Niles, Kate Moffat

Devon Mushalko will be portraying the roles of Thomas Niles and Kate Moffat in tonight’s performance. This is her second production with Aethereal Jest Arts Council, having previously played Juror 11 in Twelve Angry Jurors. Recent roles include Mina Harker in Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy [Actor's Theatre of Columbus], Player Duchess/Voltemar in Hamlet, 1603 [Actor's Theatre of Columbus], Antipholus of Syracuse in The Comedy of Errors [Lord Denney's Players] and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing [Lord Denney's Players]. Devon would like to thank the cast and crew for their hard work and creativity, and her parents for steadfastly supporting her artistic endeavors.

Palmer, Brian A.png

Brian A. Palmer

Producer, Sound Designer

Brian served as the Producer for tonight’s production. This is the third production that he has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Past credits include director for Nighthawks (New Herring Productions), Roger Hopewell in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 (Little Theatre Off Broadway), and costume designer for The Game’s Afoot, or Holmes for the Holidays (Worthington Community Theatre). Brian would like to thank Anthony, his family, and friends for all of their love and support.

Sauer, Jordan.jpg

Jordan Sauer

Assistant Stage Manager

Jordan served as Assistant Stage Manager for tonight's performance. This is the third production that she has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Past credits include: Light Operator for Present Laughter (Curtain Players), Sound Board Operator for Jerry Finnegan’s Sister (Eclipse Theater), and Assistant Stage Manager for One Slight Hitch (Eclipse Theater). Jordan would like to thank her loving fiancé, and her friends and family for their continued support.

Sedam, Dylan.png

Dylan R. Sedam

Henry David Thoreau, Freddy Vaughn

Dylan will be portraying the roles of Henry David Thoreau and Freddy Vaughn in tonight’s performance. This is the second production that he has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Past credits include: Guard in Twelve Angry Jurors [Aethereal Jest Arts Council] and Eddie in Mamma Mia! [Capital University Theatre]. Dylan would like to thank Drew, his family, and off his friends for always supporting him! 

Sorensen, Aila.png

Aila L. Sorensen

Daisy Gardiner

Aila will be portraying the role of Daisy in tonight's performance. This is the first production that she has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Aila writes her own music in her free time.

Square Logo.png

Amy Sparks

Costume Designer, Margaret Fuller, Mrs. Gardiner

Taylor, Todd.png

Todd Taylor

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mr. Laurence

Todd Taylor is playing Ralph Waldo Emerson and Mr. Laurence and is thrilled and grateful to be a part of Aethereal Jest Arts Council and Little Women of Orchard House. Recent roles are Mysterious Man in Into the Woods with CPAC Players, Paul in You Can't Take it With You by Grandview Carriage Place. A "Birder" in Birds of a Feather by Evolution Theatre, Sons and Lovers by Evolution Theatre. Torvald in A Doll's House part II by Columbus Civic Theater. Mrs Warren's Profession as Praed, Orphans as Harold, Beyond Therapy, The Subject was Roses, The Wier, Two by May, The Late Christopher Bean, many productions of A Christmas Carol, and many other productions by Columbus Civic Theater. Again, my thanks and best wishes for the success of Aethereal Jest Arts!

Toulmin, Madison.png

Madison Toulmin

Elizabeth Peabody, Annie Moffat

Madison is thrilled to be back for her second show with Aethereal Jest Arts Council! She is portraying Elizabeth Peabody and Annie Moffat in this production. Previously, Madison has been seen in AJAC’s Twelve Angry Jurors (Judge, Understudy Juror 5) and Worthington Community Theater’s Tuck Everlasting (Ensemble, Understudy Woman in Yellow). Madison’s all-time favorite roles include Capital University’s The Election (Tracy Flick) and Capital University’s Murder Can Be Deadly: a Mack Guffin Mystery (Mary Jane Doe). Madison would like to thank her husband Andrew for his unwavering love and support. Enjoy the show!

Willis, McKenna.png

McKenna Willis

Young Louisa May Alcott, Jo March

McKenna is extremely excited to be portraying Louisa May Alcott/Jo March in this production; it is a dream role for her. This is her second production with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. She has been acting for over a decade and wouldn't have it any other way. Some of her favorite roles include Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mavis Wilson in Love From a Stranger, and Aggie Wheeler in The Game's Afoot. She would like to thank her wonderful family and friends as well as her number one fan... You know who you are.

Board of Directors

Jonathan Nininger, Chair

Megan Mateer, Vice Chair

Anthony Reitzel, Treasurer

Justin Powell, Secretary

Randi Honkonen, Director at Large

Brian A. Palmer, Ex Officio Director

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