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Aethereal Jest Arts Council will be performing as part of the 2024 Columbus Arts Festival. We have selected Mary W. Schaller's one-act play All the World's a Stage.

We will be performing on the Genoa Park stage on Friday, June 7, 2024 at 2:45 PM. 


This sampler of Shakespearean scenes revolves around the theme of Elizabethan theatre and staging techniques. A central character, the Modern Theatre Student, narrates between scenes and keeps order amid chaos. Her rival for attention is Jacques from As You Like It, who continually wants to "get on with it." Scenes include the plays-within-plays from Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream; the players' relationships with the Elizabethan groundlings as seen in the funeral oration from Julius Caesar and the drunken porter from Macbeth; the girls-disguised-as-boys scene from The Merchant of Venice; the use of excerpts from Pericles, Henry V and Henry VIII; epilogues from The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream; and of course the speech "All the world's a stage," from As You Like It, acted in pantomime. This play is ideally suited for classroom production as it ensures enough parts for everyone while, at the same time, it gently teaches the students about the life and theatre of Shakespeare.

~ Courtesy Dramatic Publishing

Production Staff

Director - Brian A. Palmer

Stage Manager - Jordan Sauer

Properties Designer - Jaimee Levitt

Costume Designer - Amy Sparks


Soldier, Drunken Porter, Nerissa, Peter Quince - Kallen Alsdorf

Boy, Guard, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Rosencrantz - Ryan Dever

Mother, Lennox, Fifth Citizen, Francis Flute - Shana French

Modern Theatre Student - Ellie Haenick

Plaintiff One, McDuff, Second Citizen, Snug - Arizona Hamm

Senile Grandfather, Old Man, Fourth Citizen, Polonius, Prospero - Carol Hayward

Justice, Mark Antony, Guildenstern - Tyler J. Herrmann

Caius Martius Coriolanus, Nurse, Third Citizen, Robin "Puck" Goodfellow - Madison Lee

Schoolboy, First Citizen, Robert Starveling - Phoebe Levitt

Prologue, Girls, Caius Cassius, Tom Snout - Gretchen May

Jacques, Marcus Brutus, Nick Bottom - Ivory Mazur

Plaintiff Two, Sixth Citizen, Portia, Hamlet - McKenna Willis


Dever, Ryan.png

Ryan Dever

Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Boy, Guard

This is the first production that he has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Past credits include: Johnny Bubbles in The Psychic [Little Theatre Off Broadway], Beast in Beauty and the Beast [Little Theatre of Gastonia], and Algernon Moncrieff in The Importance of Being Earnest [Little Theatre of Gastonia]. Ryan would like to thank Brian Palmer, his parents, and his cat Luca.

French, Shana.png

Shana French

Mother, Lennox, Fifth Citizen, Francis Flute

Shana will be portraying several characters in today's production. This is the second production that she has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. In the past she also worked with Pickerington Community Theater and Worthington Community Theater. Shana wants to thank her family and the amazing staff at Aethereal Jest for supporting her.

Haenick, Ellie.png

Ellie Haenick

Modern Theatre Student

Ellie is so excited to be performing with Aethereal Jest Arts Council! This is her second AJAC show, having previously portrayed Amy March in Little Women of Orchard House. Ellie is a junior at Columbus College of Art and Design dual majoring in animation and game design. Outside of theater, Ellie enjoys drawing and solving Rubik's cubes. She would like to thank the cast and crew of All the World's a Stage for helping to bring this story to life, and she hopes you enjoy the show!

Hayward, Carol.png

Carol Hayward

Prospero, Polonius, Fourth Citizen, Old Man

Carol is honored to be part of this great cast and will be portraying the roles of Prospero, Polonius, Fourth Citizen, and Old Man. This is the first production that she has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Past credits include: Randa in Savannah Sipping Society [Little Theatre Off Broadway], Melissa in Love Letters [SSCC Theatre Company], and Martha in Murder Inn [Little Theatre Off Broadway]. In real life, Carol is a conductor and recently served as music director for Little Theatre Off Broadway’s production of The Who’s Tommy. Carol would like to thank her husband, Bill, for his love and encouragement.

Hermann, Tyler.jpg

Tyler J. Herrmann

Justice, Mark Antony, Guildenstern

Tyler is excited to return to Aethereal Jest Arts Council! Selected credits include: Eutychus in Rome Is Where the Heart Is [AJAC], Smythe in A Christmas Carol [Hilliard Arts Council], and Changer in Jack and Jill [New Edgecliff Theatre]. Tyler is endlessly grateful to his wife, Rachel, for flying solo with their two young children during rehearsals and performances!

Lee, Madison Garvin.png

Madison G. Lee

Coriolanus, Nurse, Third Citizen, Puck

This is Madison's first production with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Last seen as Annie in In the Next Room [Red Herring Productions]. Favorite past credits include: Isabel in My Children, My Africa! [Red Herring Productions], Helen in The Cripple of Inishmaan [Eclipse Theatre Company], Regina in Ghosts [Columbus Civic Theatre], Jo March in Little Women [Out of the Box Community Theatre], and Madge in Picnic [Curtain Players].

Levitt, Phoebe.png

Phoebe Levitt

Schoolboy, First Citizen, Robert Starveling

Phoebe is so excited to perform this afternoon! They will be playing Schoolboy, First Citizen and Robert Starveling. They have been Dickie Watson in The Lottery, Ensemble/Hugo Understudy in Tuck Everlasting, and Ensemble in Pirates! The Musical. They would like to thank Jaimee Levitt, Brian Palmer, Grandma and Jordan for their help. They hope you enjoy the show!

May, Gretchen.png

Gretchen May

Prologue, Girl, Caius Cassius, Tom Snout

Gretchen will be portraying the roles of Prologue, Girl, Caius Cassius, and Tom Snout in tonight’s performance. This is the third production they have done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Past credits include Juror Twelve in Twelve Angry Jurors [Aethereal Jest Arts Council] and Ensemble in The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood [Aethereal Jest Arts Council]. Gretchen would like to thank their theatre family from AJAC. Before joining this group, Gretchen felt like they didn’t have a secure friend group and they found even more than that - a loving family.

Palmer, Brian A.png

Brian A. Palmer


Brian served as the Director for tonight’s performance. This is the fifth production that he has done with Aethereal Jest Arts Council. Past credits include: Director for Nighthawks [Red Herring Productions, now New Herring Productions], Director for The Fantasticks [King Avenue Players], and Director for Tuck Everlasting [Worthington Community Theatre]. Brian would like to thank Anthony, Alex, and Kathy.

Board of Directors

Megan Mateer, Chair

Randi Honkonen, Vice Chair

Veronica Heer, Secretary

Lucia Lombardo, Director at Large

Jason Phillips, Director at Large

Chris Makar, Ex Officio Director

Brian A. Palmer, Ex Officio Director

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